Create Web Based Training Rapidly

If any of you have been producing elearning for some time, you probably got used to doing things the hard way. That is to say, you created everything from scratch. Developing a course required knowledge of some type of complicated software and the actual creation of the course probably took months. And because of this, most companies had employees whose sole responsibility was creating these courses.

Well we are now at the dawn of a new era. Within the last few years, a new kind of authoring tool has been introduced into the market: the rapid development tool. These tools enable authors to create slick, professional looking web based training much faster than was ever imaginable. Authors can add complicated interactions and quizzes with only a few clicks of the mouse. These tools have made it so easy to create elearning that anyone who can use PowerPoint can create an online course.

The tool I would like to focus on today is called Articulate. Articulate is probably the easiest rapid development tool to learn. The reason is because it is simply an add-on to PowerPoint. Installing Articulate basically adds a new tab to PowerPoint and from that tab you can add voiceovers, create branching scenarios, add video and much more. And the beauty of it is that you need no programming experience whatsoever.

Articulate also allows you to deliver your content to anyone worldwide with the click of a button. Most companies spend thousands of dollars developing an LMS (learning management system) to maintain all of their courses. These LMS systems are hard to navigate and usually require a company to hire a specialist just to keep it working. But with Articulate Online you can track how employees, customers and prospects interact with your e-learning courses, assessments and presentations (and for fractions less than a traditional LMS).

Articulate also offers a suite of products that can greatly increase learner interaction and retention. Articulate Engage allows anyone to create dazzling interactions without knowing a lick of programming. You can create process flows, intricate timelines and full blown media tours in minutes. These are professional quality interactions that can be created in only a few minutes.

Quizmaker is another Articulate tool that allows you to create professional, custom Flash quizzes and surveys. And these quizzes easily integrate into your courses and assessments. They allow you to test from within the course and they also allow you to track passing and failing assessment scores using Articulate Online.

I have been developing elearning for over a decade now and I love Articulate. It allows me to create quality, learner centered courses in just days. If you would like to give it a test drive, Articulate offers you a 30 day free trial available from their website. If you are serious about creating web based training, I highly recommend that you try this product.

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