Instructional Design for Rapid Elearning Seminar

BYOL Elearning Conference

Join me at the BYOL Elearning Conference in November!

I just found that I will be conducting my seminar “Instructional Design Techniques for Rapid Elearning” at the BYOL Elearning conference in November. I’m including the link below so anyone interested can check out the site. I’ve never been to this conference so I’m not sure exactly what to expect. The concept is to conduct brief, hands on learning sessions that cover a wide variety of topics related to elearning. I’m excited to be able to present my seminar, but I’m also really looking forward to attending a few as well.

As far as my seminar goes, I’m not sure how long I will have. I’m hearing from 1 to 3 hours max. I’m hoping to get over an hour but I can live with whatever they decide. I could get a full day out of my material, with all the hands on, but I’ll just have to wait for another opportunity. I guess that gives me some time to fully develop certain aspects of the course.

Well, anyway, check it out and hope to see you there. And if you are there, sign up for my seminar!


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