Scenario Based Elearning

I’m a huge proponent of scenarios in elearning courses (see my recent blog post). I believe people learn when they are actively involved in some type of story. I refer to it as “weaving a narrative.” You insert a story into your course and give the characters personality and characteristics. Then you allow the learner to determine the story’s ending based on the decisions they make.

I came upon a wonderful example of this type of scenario. It’s not animated; rather it’s more like a graphic novel. You are introduced to a few characters and you are immediately thrust into a real life situation. The style really works in the example and you tend to forget you are training because you are sucked into the narrative. Here is the link to the blog post:

As elearning developers, this is what we should strive for; it’s entertaining, engaging and informative. Don’t be fooled; It is time consuming to create something like this (as you’ll learn from reading the blog post) but definitely worth it.

Just an aside, if any of you are into comics (or have kids that are into comics) and have an Iphone, you need to check out the Marvel Comics app. It’s a great example of creating the illusion of animation without actually animating anything. This is something very important to elearning developers who don’t have time to animate but want something with a little movement.

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