Elearning Tip #1

In honor of my new book, “45 Elearning Tips and Tricks,” I’ve decided to share some additional elearning tips  with you. Today, I’ll share a tip that is included in the book but I’ll follow up with tips that did not make the book. I hope you find these tips helpful and please feel free to share your personal tips and comments.

Elearning Tip: Use job boards to stay up to date on technology 

This is one I discovered by accident. I’m always surfing Monster or Careerbuilder, looking for freelance opportunities. As I researched job descriptions, I kept seeing a certain software mentioned that I had never heard of. It never failed. Almost every description for an elearning developer had this software listed under desired skills. I eventually Googled it and began conducting my own research. Apparently, it was a new, web-based rapid development software that was winning awards left and right. I had never heard of it before. And I would still be unaware of it if I had never surfed those job boards. Keeping your finger on the pulse of the job market is crucial in obtaining steady work. And there is no more current pulse to check than these websites. They are full of constantly updated jobs and job descriptions. It’s your tool into finding out what tools are in demand and what tools are losing popularity. Use this technique to keep your skills up to date and to keep yourself marketable.

For more tips, check out my book “45 Elearning Tips and Tricks” now available in the Kindle bookstore. Or if you are new to elearning and want some advice, try my other book “Become an Elearning Developer Today!” It’s basically a blueprint for getting into the field of elearning development.


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