Photoshop Lightroom 3 Quick Review

I have used Photoshop for years now and I love it. I cannot imagine creating elearning courses without it. The main problem with the software is the price (almost $600 as of the writing of this post). So I recently came across Photoshop Lightroom software. The first thing that struck me was the price. At ony $89, it seems to be a very affordable alternative.

However, I was still wondering if it can be used as a replacement for Photoshop. Without actually purchasing the product, I can only use product reviews to determine its value. So here is what I’ve come up with:

Photoshop Elements is strictly for editing pictures. It’s like pulling the photo editing power from Photoshop and shrinking it into a more convenient package. It seems as if editing photos is actually streamlined in Lightroom; many of the edit tools are much quicker to access.

You cannot create text in Lightroom. That is reserved for Photoshop proper.

You can use Lightroom to organize images but it seems as if that is still best performed in Adobe Bridge.

From that limited information, I have come to the conclusion that if you have Photoshop, there is no reason to buy Lightroom. If you want software that is strictly for editing your pictures, go with Lightroom. But if you need a robust, photo editing/text creation software there is no replacement for Photoshop. It is much more expensive than Lightroom but the features you get are worth it if you are developing elearning or other graphics.


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