Don’t let your organization suffer from the “Sticky Note” syndrome

This post is not necessarily elearning related; rather, it’s training related…

I’m sure you’ve dealt with the “sticky note” syndrome before. You go to interview a SME for a new project and you find out they have most of the information that you need either in their head, or written down on a sticky note somewhere. If you find yourself in this position, it’s your responsibility to get this information out of their heads and onto paper. I don’t say this because it will make your job easier (it will of course). I say this because it will make the organization’s life alot easier. The problem with organizations that suffer from the “sticky note” syndrome is that when people leave, all of that vital information leaves with them. And once that information leaves, the next person who is tasked with creating training, will be in a very difficult situation.

Once you get all the knowledge documented, do not just leave it at that. Set up some kind of database, or Sharepoint site, and dump all of the information into it. This will make it accessible to anyone who needs it.

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