Elearning Tip #5: Invest in a Good Microphone

Ten years ago, microphones were expensive and not very easy to use. You would have to buy the mic and a mixing board and figure out how to make the mixing board talk to your computer. Those days are gone. Now there are several great USB microphones that plug directly into your computer (no mixing board required). They are inexpensive and very high quality. I use the Blue Snowball microphone which, as of the beginning of 2012, is listed at around $70 on amazon.com. It is extremely easy to use and the sound quality is phenomenal. I use my microphone to create scratch audio for courses (which is basically placeholder audio so you can time animations and for review purposes) and to record my own podcasts. I love my microphone and have found it invaluable in my elearning development.

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“Photoshop for Business Pros: A No-Frills Approach for Learning Photoshop Fundamentals”

If you need to learn the most important aspects of Photoshop for the corporate world, enough to get that big project done on time, this is the fastest and easiest way to do it. The book is a series of how-to tutorials with videos embedded directly inside of the document. It’s cutting edge and it’s yours for free.


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