Great post on Attention Grabbing Ideas for Elearning Courses

I ran across a great post this morning from the Elearning Heroes blog. These ideas have actually crossed my mind before, but I didn’t give them much credence because I thought they might be too “out of the box.” But apparently, other people think they might be useful as well. I am now considering creating a full elearning course with a Facebook style layout. I’ll let you know when I start it…

3 Ideas for Grabbing Attention

For more tips, check out my book “45 Elearning Tips and Tricks” now available in the Kindle bookstore. Or if you are new to elearning and want some advice, try my other book “Become an Elearning Developer Today!” It’s  a blueprint for getting into the field of elearning development.


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One Response to “Great post on Attention Grabbing Ideas for Elearning Courses”

  1. Pak Liam Says:

    I wonder if some of these ideas might be counter productive and put off some of your learners…. ?

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