Elearning Tip #6: Use Silhouettes in Your Elearning Courses

There are certain times when you just can’t find the right image of a business person; either their dress style is not quite right or you can’t find the right ethnicity (you always want diversity in your elearning courses). In those situations, use silhouettes. Silhouettes can come in handy when you are presenting generic information and need some kind of image to spice up the screen.

 You can find these images on pretty much any stock image website. If you can’t find images, you can create your own if you know a little bit of Photoshop.

For more tips, check out my book “45 Elearning Tips and Tricks” now available in the Kindle bookstore. Or if you are new to elearning and want some advice, try my other book “Become an Elearning Developer Today!” It’s  a blueprint for getting into the field of elearning development.


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