Kindle Books

In addition to writing a blog, I have also written two books that are available in the Kindle bookstore. I would be honored if you could give them a look:

How to Create an E-learning Course

Over the past year, I have received numerous emails asking me the same question: how can I create my own elearning? I have responded to each person and provided them with feedback and advice in regards to getting into the field. About six months ago, I sat down and looked at all the emails I had sent. It was quite a lot of information and I thought it could be pretty valuable to people interested in learning how to create online courses.

So I took all the information and put it into an ebook. The book itself contains a lot of information but it still didn’t seem like enough. Instead of adding more information into the book, I decided to create a series of video tutorials that further expanded on the theories and techniques mentioned in the ebook.

I truly feel that anyone that uses the ebook and tutorials can learn to create rapid elearning within a few weeks. I also give some advice on how to market yourself and your newly created portfolio.

If you are interested in purchasing the ebook, click the image below:

45 Elearning Tips and Tricks

It’s just a few of the tips and tricks I’ve learned while developing elearning over the last decade. I feel that this book includes important tips for everyone who develops elearning, beginner to advanced. Give it a read and let me know what you think.

If you are interested in purchasing the ebook, click the image below:




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