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My Fiverr Experiment

May 24, 2012

So I put up a “gig” on Fiverr about five months ago. For those of you not familiar with Fiverr, it’s a site where people do things for $5.

There tons of random things people are willing to do (like burp your name and record it) and most of them seem pretty useless. But there is also a number of listings that provide useful services like simple logo designs or article writing. I put up my gig to sell my Photoshop ebook. I think I got around two sales in five months. So I decided to change it up a bit. I spiced up the ad copy and made it a little more humerous and I added a video to the gig page. I used my new Animoto software of course đŸ™‚ Now I am going to see if adding video and new copy makes any difference at all. I’ll keep you posted. Here’s a link to the page if you want to check it out.



Photoshop Tutorial

September 3, 2009

So I’ve been thinking about creating a whole set of these video tutorials for people who are new to Photoshop. I created this one a few months ago. At the time, I really created it so that I could learn how to properly use Camtasia. It is a great product and i can’t wait to use it some more. I know there is some debate regarding Camtasia vs. Captivate. They both serve their purposes and are both great products. However, I really enjoy the zoom function that Camtasia offers. It enables you to focus on a certain aspect of the screen, which is something that Captivate cannot do. If it can, I have not figured it out yet. Anyway, check it out and let me know what you think:

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